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Steelers fans protest Michael Vick with strong takes

Just so happened I was in Pittsburgh and swung by the protest.

All spelling errors are intentional, we think. -- The editor.

I stopped by the anti-Mike Vick protest outside Heinz field Thursday night before their preseason game verse the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton (who it should be noted is not as good as Tom Brady. ) When I heard about a anti-Vick rally, I was all "Hell, count me in" but I didnt even know at the time it was going to have anything to do with dogfighting so that was kind of a bonus.

Approxmately 100 activits set up camp outside Heinz field in front of the Rocco statue. Rocco the dog was a police K9 in Pittsburgh that was killed int he line of duty back in January of 2014 and by all accounts was just a tremendous animal who probably would of kicked Mike Vicks ass real good if given the chance.

The protest was helped organize by Gordon Shotgun Shell- a former MMA fighter who really dosent like Michael Vick at all. Gordon has a pretty promnent profile as a animal rights activist and has even challegned Mike Vick to a fight and been arrested in connection with kidnapping dogs from neglectful families. Basically he loves dogs as much as I love when a football player hands the ball back the official. He was distributing t-shirts to the ladies which is just such a slam dunk of a idea and Im gonna copy that. Chicks love  the guy with the tshirts.

Really the last thing Roger Goodell needs right now is to try and figure out what kind of a supsension Mike Vick should get for fighting two dozen women at the same time, so I have to applaud Mr. Shotgun Shells strategy here.

The protest itself ran from 6 PM til 8, and it was very well organized and pretty peacefull for the most part. The protestors were like thanking the cops for providing them with protecton every two seconds like a bunch of kiss-ups, which is a telltale sign that its someones first or second time interacting with law enforcement. If theres one thing I know about police its that the more you thank them for there service , the drunker they know I am.

I even heard one lady who was about to leave ask a stranger if she wanted her sign, and then told her to make sure it was disposed of properly at the end of the night so there was no littering.  There were no real incidents, but there was definitely a bunch a jaw-jackin back and forth between the protestors and the Steeler fans on there way into the game. Here's a sample of some of the better trash-talk from the pro-Vick crowd:

"Fuck them dogs." STRONG

"We're not worried about no dogs, were worried about a win tonight!"

"What about abortion? What about abortion?" This guy repeated this about 7 times and it really made me think.

"I have a pitbull and I like Vick!" Feel like 'Pitbull Owners for Vick' could be a lucrative bumper sticker business.

"You oughta be ashamed"

"No, YOU oughta be ashamed" (checkmate)

"You guys hate Tom Brady too? He got off scot-free!"

Id say as far as the back and forth banter went, the pro-Vick/anti-protestor crowd had MUCH stronger takes. They were also by far the drunker of the two opposing ideologies.  But as far as signs go, well thats another story. The anti-Vick crowd won hands down:


I know there are no such thing as stupid questons but I mean he probably wouldnt like it very much at all. Worst buy or sell prompt ever.

Heres where I've gotta throw the flag. Any sign-maker worth the poster board they shoplifted from Giant Eagle would of known that Hitler killed his German Shepherd Blondi right before he chewing on his hollow-tip. I mean, if your making this sign, and you've already written down three of histories greatest monsters, wouldnt your mind automatically think "wow, Hitler would fit in like a square peg on this list, might wanna google him and just see if he ever killed his own dog." Amateur hour.

But by far the best poster there goes to this ladys sign.You wanna play QB in Pittsburgh you better clean up your act Mike:

Hell yeah.