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What if your team had suffered the same offseason fate as the Niners?

Things could always be worse.

You've probably been too busy paying attention to the imminent Tyrod Taylor era in Buffalo, Vince Wilfork's overalls game, or Washington's ongoing attempt to set a world record for consecutive gaffes, but the San Francisco 49ers have had a really, really unpleasant offseason.

It began in late December when the Niners confirmed that head coach Jim Harbaugh, who'd led the team to three NFC Championship Game appearances and one win in four years, wouldn't be back. It started to spiral from there. Frank Gore left to play for the Colts. Chris Borland and Patrick Willis retired unexpectedly early. Both starting cornerbacks signed elsewhere as free agents. Even their punter, who'd made three Pro Bowls, was gone, traded for a seventh round pick.

In total, 15 starters or backups (and a third string corner) that were on the San Francisco depth chart* in February of this year are now gone. The team barely resembles the group that came within a few plays of going to the Super Bowl in 2013. But before you chuckle at the crumbling of the 49ers, consider: what if this happened to your team? What would your team look like if it had been Ninerized this offseason?

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