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The Onside Kick Family Hour: It's okay to be excited about Tyrod Taylor and the Bills

SB Nation's NFL podcast returns with a rousing discussion of DeflateGate decision, premature hype about the Bills and their new QB, the fate of RG3, and more!

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Gather 'round and get ready for 50 minutes of people talking about football. Danny Kelly, Stephen White and Ryan Van Bibber fire up this week's Family Hour just in time to talk about Tom Brady's nullified suspension ... and other things, plenty of other things.

This week on the show ...

  • Let's deal with DeflateGate one last time (maybe).
  • Tyrod Taylor gives the Bills something to be excited about.
  • What about RG3?
  • How illegal contact penalties have reshaped the NFL.
  • Breakout players ... which ones are we really excited about this year?

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