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NFL neurologist who switched RG3 diagnosis resigns, per report

Robert Kurtzke will no longer serve as the NFL's independent neurologist after switching his decision to clear Robert Griffin III.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's independent neurologist who decided Robert Griffin III wasn't fit to play after initially clearing the Washington quarterback has resigned from his post, according to the Washington Post.

Robert Kurtzke will remain the neurologist responsible for deciding when Griffin will be cleared to return to action, but will step down from his position as the NFL's independent neurologist after a confusing fiasco of changing decisions.

Griffin first went down with a concussion in the second week of preseason after absorbing several hits from the Detroit Lions defensive line. After leaving to the locker room, Griffin returned to the field and Joe Theismann, providing color commentary for Washington fans, said that he had been cleared for action.

That was proven false, but two days before a preseason game against the Baltimore RavensGriffin was cleared to return by Kurtzke, only for the doctor to reverse his decision one day later.

Abraham Kader will replace Kurtzke as the NFL's independent neurologist, but the two will work together on the clearance of Griffin before Kurtzke leaves his post for good. Griffin was reportedly re-tested by the pair of doctors on Friday, although an update on his status hasn't yet been revealed.

If Washington plans to release Griffin, the team must first wait for the quarterback to be cleared for the 2015 season to avoid owing him more than $16 million in 2016.