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The Seahawks aren't trading Kam Chancellor

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Despite the trade rumors, Pete Carroll isn't letting his disgruntled safety get away. More off-field trouble for the Browns, tension in Indianapolis, defensive stars returning and more from around the NFL.

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NOT INTERESTED: Pete Carroll says the Seahawks do not want to trade safety Kam Chancellor. The holdout safety was named a team captain this weekend, so maybe there's hope he'll be back for Week 1.

CLEVELAND ASSAULT INVESTIGATION: Browns offensive line coach Andy Moeller was suspended indefinitely over the weekend. Initially, the reason for the suspension was unclear, but ESPN later reported that Moeller is being investigated for an alleged assault of a female guest at his home. Details of the incident are still emerging.


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TROUBLE BREWING: There's a rift emerging between Colts GM Ryan Grigson and head coach Chuck Pagano. Among the issues at play are Pagano's lame duck contract status and tension over Grigson inserting himself into lineup and roster decisions. It's something to watch this season with big expectations for the Colts.

JPP COMING BACK: Jason Pierre-Paul and his nine fingers are ready to re-join the Giants.

GAME PLAN: There's a game in two days, and the Steelers believe they're ready for it.

BIG MOVE: The Chiefs are moving Eric Fisher, the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, from left tackle to right tackle.

BROWNS BAG A QB: Austin Davis, former Rams starter and backup, is going to Cleveland to help fill the depth chart while Johnny Manziel is still struggling with his elbow.

NO DIAMONDS: Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor did not buy a diamond mouthpiece.

NEED A CAR: Let Julian Edelman sell you some new wheels.

MONEY BACK: James Harrison is looking into recouping the gazillion dollars in fines he's paid to the NFL over the years.

POE COMING: The Chiefs may have Dontari Poe back this week, just in time for the first game of the season. Originally, he wasn't supposed to return until October.