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Everyone is really mad at the Patriots

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Surprise! There's also some important non-Patriots NFL news that you need catch up on before the season opens on Thursday night.

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PATRIOTS REVELATIONS: So, there was kind of some big news about the Patriots, Spygate, the NFL and how all of those things led to the DeflateGate saga. You should probably read the full ESPN article again, because it's chock full of great reporting.

CHEATERS: It's going to be hard for New England to escape the "cheaters" label. You should definitely check out the reaction to the story from Patriots fans.

YOU MAD BRO: Okay, so which fans from which teams are really pissed about the NFL and its handling of Spygate? Let's see, you've got the Raiders ... the Colts ... the Eagles ... Bill Simmons ... the Panthers ... the Buccaneers ... and probably everyone else. There can only be one solution: to Temecula!


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WHAT ELSE: It's a good question: What else are the Patriots hiding?

GOODELL'S POWER: Lost in the reaction to the ESPN report, the commissioner hinted at a willingness to give up some of his power in the disciplinary process, BUT Goodell wouldn't budge on using a third-party arbitrator.

GET READY: The season starts TOMORROW NIGHT. You've been so caught up in the Patriots cheating that you're probably a little behind. Not to worry. Our excellent season preview has everything you need to get ready for the another year of being mad at the Patriots ... and lots of other things.

DRAFT NOTES: The first week of the college football season is in the books, and we learned a few things about some of the players ticketed for the 2016 NFL Draft.

CASSEL RETURNS: The Bills re-signed Matt Cassel, who immediately leaps over EJ Manuel on the depth chart.

DOLPHINS GET GRAY: Miami signed former Patriots running back Jonas Gray (of the 201-yard, four-touchdown game) to their practice squad.

GIANT MOVES: The Giants made a handful of roster moves on Tuesday, including snagging a linebacker from Dallas.

JPP STATUS: Unfortunately for the Giants, they won't have Jason Pierre-Paul, their top pass rusher, for about a month.

RAMS RUNNING GAME: The Rams have a starting center, finally. And weirdly enough, two right guards. They won't have rookie running back Todd Gurley in the lineup until Week 4 at least.

ERTZ CLOSER: Eagles tight end Zach Ertz has been cleared for practice.

LOS ANGELES: Sam Farmer has the latest on the NFL's push to Los Angeles. One notable piece of news here: there's pushback about having the cities of St. Louis and San Diego present at the October owners meetings.

PODCAST PREVIEW: This week's NFL podcast is here! We're predicting winners, losers and everything else in between in a 2015 season preview extravaganza!

HOT SEAT: Ouch! Fire! Sure, you know Jay Gruden is on the hot seat, but what about the other coaches who could be looking for work come January? Doug Farrar runs down the list.

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