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2016 NFL Draft order: Titans will have a top 2 pick regardless of Week 17 results

The Titans can't pick any lower than 2nd in the draft order, while it's still possible that the Browns pick 4th.

The Tennessee Titans will lock up the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft if the Indianapolis Colts deal them a 13th loss of the season, but even if the Titans win, they could still end up picking first.

UPDATE: The Titans wound up with the first pick in the draft.

If both the Titans and Cleveland Browns win in Week 17, it will be Tennessee picking first. While a win for the Browns could mean falling as far as fourth in the draft order, a win for the Titans wouldn't be enough to knock Tennessee out of the top two.

Strength of schedule is the tiebreaker between teams with matching records and the Titans have a low one (thanks mostly to the poor play in the AFC South). If two teams have identical records and strengths of schedule, a coin flip decides which team selects first, but for now, we can figure out exactly where a team will select in the 2016 NFL Draft depending on how they do in Week 17.

Only seven teams are guaranteed a top 10 pick and even the Baltimore Ravens could pick as low as 11th in the order if the team manages to pull an upset win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, one week after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With Week 17 on the way, here's the full draft order with the possible range of picks:

# Team Record SoS Week 17 opp. If they lose If they win
1 Tennessee Titans 3-12 0.492 Colts 1st 1st-2nd
2 Cleveland Browns 3-12 0.533 Steelers 1st-2nd 2nd-4th
3 San Diego Chargers 4-11 0.525 Broncos 2nd-4th 3rd-8th
4 Dallas Cowboys 4-11 0.529 Washington 2nd-4th 3rd-8th
5 San Francisco 49ers 4-11 0.550 Rams 3rd-5th 5th-8th
6 Jacksonville Jaguars 5-10 0.471 Texans 3rd-6th 6th-8th
7 Miami Dolphins 5-10 0.475 Patriots 3rd-7th 7th-9th
8 Baltimore Ravens 5-10 0.504 Bengals 3rd-8th 8th-11th
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-9 0.483 Panthers 7th-10th 11th-12th
10 New York Giants 6-9 0.492 Eagles 8th-10th 11th-14th
11 New Orleans Saints 6-9 0.508 Falcons 8th-11th 12th-15th
12 Philadelphia Eagles 6-9 0.513 Giants 8th-11th 13th-16th
13 Detroit Lions 6-9 0.538 Bears 10th-12th 14th-18th
14 Chicago Bears 6-9 0.546 Lions 10th-12th 14th-18th
15 Indianapolis Colts 7-8 0.500 Titans 12th-14th 15th-x
16 Buffalo Bills 7-8 0.508 Jets 12th-15th 16th-19th
17 Oakland Raiders 7-8 0.513 Chiefs 13th-16th 16th-19th
18 St. Louis Rams 7-8 0.525 49ers 14th-18th 18th-19th
19 Atlanta Falcons 8-7 0.471 Saints 15th-19th 19th
20 Pittsburgh Steelers 9-6 0.508 Browns 20th 20th-x
x Houston Texans 8-7 0.496 Jaguars 16th-x x
x New York Jets 10-5 0.438 Bills 20th-x x

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