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Take it easy on the Vikings kicker

The Wild Card round is now in the books. Catch up on all the wild and crazy playoff action from Sunday.

BATTLE IN THE TUNDRA: The Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings played in sub-zero temperatures on Sunday afternoon, which was great news for everyone who didn't actually go to the game. It was the grinding, low-scoring effort that most everyone expected, with the Vikings taking a 9-0 lead into the fourth quarter.

Then all hell broke loose. First, Russell Wilson mishandled a bad snap, which somehow turned into the Seahawks' biggest pass play and set up the only touchdown of the game. Then, Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball away, continuing one of his stranger playoff habits. Despite those setbacks, the Vikings had a chance to put the game away with a 27-yard field goal. If you're a Vikings fan or familiar with Vikings heartbreak over the years, you already know what's coming ...

BLAIR WALSH OH NOOOOOO: Walsh shanked the field goal, sending the Seahawks to the Divisional round and ripping out hearts all over Minnesota, especially the hearts of fans, who thought he made it at first. For his part, Walsh handled the whole situation about as best as he could after the game. And you should leave him alone.

WILD CARD ROAD SWEEP: After a slow start, the Packers took control of the game and cruised to victory over Washington, setting up a Week 16 rematch with the Arizona Cardinals. The win meant that all four road teams won this weekend, which is the first time that's ever happened in the Wild Card round.

"YOU LIKE THAT" IS OVER: You knew this was coming, especially after Washington fans chanted it during the game. It was fun for a while, but now I think it's time to put this phrase next to dabbing in the "old and lame" dustbin.


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AGAIN, D-JAX?: DeSean Jackson had a touchdown taken off the board because he went out of bounds without stretching the ball across the plane. What is it with Jackson and forgetting to finish scoring plays? That ended up being a four-point swing in the scoreboard, which uh, might have been important.

AND THEN THERE WERE EIGHT: Onward to the Divisional round. Here is the complete schedule and updated bracket.

BILLS TRY TO SNEAK ONE IN ON US: During the Vikings' final drive on Sunday afternoon, news dropped on Twitter that the Buffalo Bills gave general manager Doug Whaley a contract extension. Talk about a news dump.

DRAFT ORDER GETS ANOTHER UPDATE: Welcome to the club, Vikings and Washington fans. Find out where your team is drafting here.

TYPICAL: Patriots coach Bill Belichick had a special way of describing Kansas City's win on Saturday.

NOT SO BURFICT: Vontaze Burfict's actions on Saturday night are well-documented by now. To nobody's surprise, he's facing a possible league suspension for his hit on Antonio Brown. It'll be hard to forget this Bengals collapse.

GOOD MACLIN NEWS: Jeremy Maclin avoided an ACL tear, which is a massive relief for a player who already had two in his career. However, he still has a high-ankle sprain, making him highly questionable for the Divisional round.

BEN ROETHLISBERGER INJURY: The Steelers quarterback has a separated shoulder, but will try to play through it next week.

THE RYAN BROTHERS SITCOM IS ONE STEP CLOSER TO REALITY: The Bills hired Rob Ryan as a defensive assistant, meaning that he and Rex Ryan are actually working on the same team. This is the best news anyone could've hoped for. If the Bills don't get Hard Knocks next season it's time to boycott HBO.