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Browns WR Josh Gordon wants to play in the NFL again

The Browns wide receiver has applied for reinstatement from his indefinite suspension. It would certainly make Hue Jackson's job easier if the NFL agreed.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

JOSH GORDON WANTS TO PLAY: The troubled Browns receiver applied to the NFL for reinstatement from his indefinite suspension handed out last February. He was suspended for the third time in three years for violating the league's substance abuse policy. The league has 60 days to make a decision. Gordon would be a huge upgrade for the Browns offense under new head coach Hue Jackson, but the question is whether the team has the resources, or willingness, to help him work through his problems.

GRONK TALKS LOW BLOWS: The Broncos complained about how Gronk plays, and he had the most Gronk response possible.

HOW MUCH?? Sam Bradford was reportedly seeking $25 million per year prior to the season. That's more than any other QB in the NFL.


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WAFFLES: The Panthers run on Waffle House. Seriously.

RANDLE EL OPENS UP: Antwaan Randle El opened up about his physical and mental problems after leaving football. Among other things, he struggles with memory loss and has problems walking down stairs. He also said that "If I could go back, I wouldn't (play football)." It's a sobering account, one that's worth checking out in full here.

EAGLES ADD SCHWARTZ: Jim Schwartz is joining the Philadelphia Eagles staff as defensive coordinator.

PFWA HANDS OUT ROOKIE AWARDS: The Pro Football Writers of America named its 2015 All-Rookie team Tuesday. To nobody's surprise, Todd Gurley dominated the awards, winning both Offensive Rookie of the Year and overall Rookie of the Year. Marcus Peters took home Defensive Rookie of the Year.

SEAHAWKS SHOULD BE BACK NEXT YEAR: The Seattle Seahawks got knocked out of the Divisional round, which is a disappointment after reaching the Super Bowl two years in a row. Despite that setback, there are plenty of reasons to believe they'll be major contenders once again next year.

BRONCOS CALL TOM BRADY A WHINER: You know it's Brady vs. Manning week when the childish insults start flying. Here are Denver Broncos players calling out Tom Brady for "temper tantrums."

WHY REFS DO WHAT THEY DO: NFL officials have a way harder job than it looks like sitting at your local bar. Cyd Ziegler -- a high school and college official himself -- sheds some light on the various philosophies that go into refereeing decisions in the NFL.

CARDINALS NEED A WINNING STRATEGY ON OFFENSE: The Arizona Cardinals became famous for their high-flying offense, but they'll have tough matchups in Josh Norman, Luke Kuechly and company. Danny Kelly outlines how the Cardinals can win in the short passing game.

HOW THE SAINTS CAN EXTEND DREW BREES: One thing's for certain: The Saints need to find a way to get out from under Brees' $30 million cap hit next season. Releasing him doesn't appear to be an option, so how long should they extend him to mitigate the financial damage?

THE LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: The still-San Diego Chargers filed an application to register trademarks for the "Los Angeles Chargers" and "LA Chargers."

JASON PIERRE-PAUL ONE STEP CLOSER: The defensive end underwent surgery on his hand again recently. Then the big question: What's he worth in free agency?

RAY RICE IS BACK ... SORT OF: Rice is coaching at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl this year, and still wants another shot at playing in the NFL. Will any team give him a chance after two years away from the game, with all the off-field baggage still attached?

T.O. IN THE HALL OF FAME?: Funny enough, he may have a better chance of making it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame than ever being honored by the first team he played for, the 49ers.

MORE PHILBIN/TANNEHILL FALLOUT: More details have emerged about the relationship between Ryan Tannehill and his former head coach, Joe Philbin. Hopefully new head coach Adam Gase will show more trust in his quarterback than Philbin apparently did.

KIFFIN BACK IN THE NFL? The 49ers have reportedly contacted the current Alabama offensive coordinator ... so maybe.