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Peyton Manning is a lot like Brandon Weeden now

A simple offense for a limited quarterback ... good thing the Broncos have a really good team around the quarterbacking legend.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

LOW BLOWSBroncos "amped up" over Gronk's "low blows." The Broncos defense actually appreciated Rob Gronkowski's tweet.

PEYTON WEEDENBroncos are treating Peyton Manning like he's Brandon Weeden. A simple offense for a limited quarterback. It's amazing to think that this is how we're describing Peyton Manning now, but that's how Denver's offense has to operate ... sort of.

BALL CONTROL: You'd think the NFL would be a little smarter about how it handles its footballs in the wake of the whole DeflateGate thing. You would be wrong. The league left the game balls for the Chiefs-Patriots Divisional round game in the hotel room. Massachusetts State Police drove them to Gillette Stadium.

HE'S A HERO AGAINHow New England's Darius Fleming went from hero to liar and back to hero. "People are quick to try and bring you down."

SUPER BOWL REFThe ref who can't flip a coin is calling the Super Bowl. Clete Blakeman's difficulty with coin tosses didn't stop the league from appointing him to referee Super Bowl 50.

CHIP IS OK WITH CHIPChip Kelly is not "crazy," according to Chip Kelly. Control over personnel decisions derailed Kelly's tenure with the Eagles, and he's happy to move on from that in San Francisco.

BILLS MAKE HISTORYBuffalo Bills hire Kathryn Smith as special teams quality control coach. No female has ever held a full-time NFL coaching position before, but the Buffalo Bills have changed that by naming Kathryn Smith their special teams quality control coach.

TRYING TO IMPRESS SCOUTS: TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin is trying to convince NFL scouts that his arrest does not define his character. Boykin is trying to impress scouts at the NFLPA Bowl. He's also got to prove to them that he's not a character risk.

WARNING FOR EAGLES FANSThe Eagles' new head coach gave a troubling explanation for why his last drive with the Chiefs was so bad. Philly's new head coach was involved in some bad playcalling Saturday. What's worse is how he tried to justify it.

HARRISON'S LAST HURRAHIf last week was James Harrison's last game, it was a hell of a way to go out. The pass-rushing legend may have played his last game in Pittsburgh's Divisional round loss to the Broncos.

GOOD MOVEBroncos fans are glad nobody hired Josh McDaniels. Gee, I wonder why.


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FIELD CONDITIONSCardinals not concerned with field conditions in Carolina. Despite early report, Bruce Arians says it is about wearing the right shoes.

AN AWARD FOR CAMThe awards are starting to roll in for Cam Newton. The Pro Football Writers of America have voted Newton their 2015 NFL Offensive Player of the Year.

DAVIS EXPLAINSAnthony Davis says he did not retire to avoid playing for Jim Tomsula. The real question is whether or not he's coming back this year.

DUMP THE COINStephen Colbert suggests the NFL switch from coin tosses to "Spin the Bottle." It seems like a better method of deciding ball possession than some silly coin toss.