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Here's the $10 bet I made which will pay $19,000 if the Colts make the playoffs

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So you're telling me there's a chance!

The Indianapolis Colts have not been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, but they need a near miracle to win the AFC South. At 7-8, and a game back of the Houston Texans, the Colts need to win their game, and have eight other specific results occur in order to claim the tiebreaker over the Texans.

I am a fan of gambling, and a sucker for a fun parlay bet, so I decided to bet $10 on the nine-team parlay that has to happen. If I hit on the parlay, I will win $18,935.73 courtesy of our friends at Bovada. That should give you an idea of just how long the odds are for the Colts.

So what needs to happen for the Colts to make the playoffs? Here is the full rundown the Colts (and I) will be rooting for on Sunday:

  • Indianapolis Colts beat the Tennessee Titans
  • Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns
  • Denver Broncos beat the San Diego Chargers
  • Atlanta Falcons beat the New Orleans Saints
  • Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets
  • Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Texans
  • Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots
  • Baltimore Ravens beat the Cincinnati Bengals
  • Oakland Raiders beat the Kansas City Chiefs
  • I actually had to cheat a little bit on the parlay. I had to take the spread bet instead of the money line bet for the Steelers and Bills. The Steelers are facing a Cleveland Browns team that is in turmoil and starting Austin Davis at quarterback. I am not entirely surprised the money line came off the board. The Bills can potentially end the Jets playoff chances with a win, and you know Rex Ryan would love nothing more than that this week. The Bills will be without LeSean McCoy, but they still have Karlos Williams, so I am a little confused why it came off the board.

    Whatever the case, I took the Steelers at -12, and the Bills at +3. That impacts the actual parlay, but I figure it is close enough for entertainment purposes.

    And if you don't believe I made the wager, here you go:

    Week 17 Colts parlay

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