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Police called after 'disturbance' between Johnny Manziel and girlfriend

Police confirmed a trip to the home of Johnny Manziel after an altercation between the quarterback and his girlfriend.

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No arrests were made after police were called in Fort Worth, Texas to speak with Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel following a dispute with his girlfriend.

Manziel, 23, previously had a dispute with his girlfriend during the 2015 season, which drew attention and police intervention, although that incident also didn't result in an arrest. In that incident, Manziel and his girlfriend, Colleen Elizabeth Crowley, got in a public dispute on the side of the road. While alcohol was involved, police said that only Crowley was impaired and Manziel was okay to drive.

While it's unclear if the woman involved in a dispute with Manziel on Saturday was Crowley again, the Fort Worth Police Department issued a press release following the incident, where they confirmed they were called to the scene of a "possible assault that occurred in that jurisdiction or multiple jurisdictions." Manziel's girlfriend stated that she was involved in a "disturbance" with Manziel, but was "uncooperative to officers on scene."

They prepared an incident report but were unable to designate a crime scene. The information has been forwarded to detectives, but it's unclear if anything will happen given the lack of evidence or information. Manziel's girlfriend told officers she was concerned about Manziel's well-being, which led to officers attempting to locate him with phone calls and searching for him with the assistance of helicopters, according to the report.

Manziel was "safe and in no danger," the police determined, and they are actively working with the Dallas Police Department to determine if a criminal offense occurred.

After a tumultuous first two seasons in the NFL, the Browns are expected to part ways with Manziel under new leadership. As a free agent, the Dallas Cowboys are expected to be one potential landing spot for the Texas-native and former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback at Texas A&M.

In six starts for the Browns in 2015, Manziel posted a 2-4 record and finished the year with 1,500 passing yards, seven touchdowns and five interceptions. He spent the beginning of last year in rehab, but was benched after video surfaced of him partying and again drew criticism after he was reportedly spotted in Las Vegas while in disguise.

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