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Chip Kelly and Mike Shanahan are trying too hard and it's totally not cool

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Where's the line between making yourself available for a job and begging for one?

CHIP'S TRYING TOO HARDNFL owners think former Chip Kelly is begging for a job. It's not a flattering way to describe the former Eagles coach's attempt to stay in the NFL. It sounds like Mike Shanahan is begging for a job too, but you don't hear the old guard holding that against a man who hasn't won a playoff game since 1998.

COLTS STAY THE COURSEChuck Pagano, Colts agree to a four-year extension. And in another surprising move, general manager Ryan Grigson reportedly isn't going anywhere, either. Jim Irsay also said that Ryan Grigson has "outdone" Bill Polian, which, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

CHARGERS CHANGES: Chargers keep Mike McCoy as head coach despite his worst season yet. Even after finishing 4-12, the Chargers will give Mike McCoy another opportunity in 2016. But they did fire offensive coordinator Frank Reich. The Chargers also fired five other coaches along with Reich. And the reasoning behind the moves just doesn't quite add up.

COUGHLIN OUTTom Coughlin steps down as Giants head coach. Coughlin's time is done with the Giants after 12 seasons and two Super Bowl wins. Watch him say goodbye.

LEAN INTO IT: Allow PFT Commenter to explain how NFL coaching searches really work.

TITANS GM HUNTTitans will search for a new GM after dumping Ruston Webster. Webster will not return for a fifth season as general manager of the Titans.

MIAMI HIRES A GM: Dolphins promote Chris Grier to general manager. The Dolphins parted ways with Hickey after just two years on the job, and promoted Grier from within.

TRACK ALL THE RUMORS: Who's fired? Who are teams interested in hiring? Keep track of all the hiring/firing rumors right here.


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WHAT ABOUT PEYTONIs Peyton Manning getting a pass from the media? Patriots fans don't think Manning is getting the same level of scrutiny from the press over the HGH claim as Tom Brady did for DeflateGate.

BUTTSWhat's in this Falcons lineman's butt? What exactly is happening here?

PANTHERS LOSE PEANUTCharles Tillman has confirmed ACL tear, season over. Another blow to the Panthers secondary.

STUCK WITH FISHERRams fans would gladly dump Jeff Fisher for Sean Payton. They even have an extra second-round pick to do it with. Too bad Jeff Fisher isn't going anywhere.

TRUMP HAMMERS JETSDonald Trump, who once ruined an entire football league, thinks he could have helped the Jets. What about the USFL?

DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT49ers CEO Jed York promises he won't tweet so much anymore, seriously. Never Tweet.

EXCEPT FOR FOOTBALLDolphins owner says the Dolphins are the very finest football team, apart from the football.

WHAT HAPPENEDBen Roethlisberger's reaction to fans cheering the Jets loss Sunday was priceless.

BILLY MANZIELDid Johnny Manziel wear a wig and go by "Billy" in Vegas? The Manziel in Vegas story is getting even weirder.

POWER RANKINGS: The Panthers are back on top this week.

PLAYOFF BRACKET AND SCHEDULE: This is your guide to the playoffs, from Wild Card Weekend through the Super Bowl.

WOODSON SAYS GOODBYE: Charles Woodson's last game in the NFL was a lot like his first.

UNCLE BUCK: Goodbye, Jim Tomsula, the NFL version of Uncle Buck.