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Congrats to Roberto Aguayo, but the Buccaneers still shouldn't have drafted a kicker in the 2nd round

A game-winner from the Bucs' rookie kicker was great. But he's still hitting just 50 percent of his kicks this season.

For one kick, one really important kick, Roberto Aguayo did exactly what the Buccaneers thought he would do when they traded up into the second round to draft him this year. Aguayo booted a 38-yard field goal to give the Bucs a last-second 17-14 win. All of your (and mine) hot takes about when NOT to draft a kicker were irrelevant, for a minute anyway.

"It’s just another kick," he said after the game.

Unfortunately for Aguayo, he finished the game 3-for-5 on field goal attempts. "Just another kick" is a 50-50 proposition for the second-round pick. His game-winner brought his overall field goal success rate to 50 percent on the season, the lowest of any kicker in the league.

Like any draft pick, five games is too soon to break out the bust label, but teams don't have to be as patient with kickers. The Bucs need this to be the start of something, not just a coin flip that came up the way they wanted. Here's where we remind you that taking a kicker in the second round is a bad idea.

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