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The Steelers are trying out a Spanish rugby star

Inaki Villanueva is no stranger to the NFL, though. His brother plays tackle for the Steelers.

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Steelers worked out Spanish rugby star Inaki Villanueva trying to make it as a TE. The 49ers made a cult hero out of Jarryd Hayne, even though his NFL career didn't last very long. But the trend of more and more rugby players trying their hand at football continues. Villanueva has a pretty close connection to the NFL and Pittsburgh; his brother Alejandro is an offensive tackle for the Steelers.

Inaki Villanueva was a member of the Spanish rugby team at the 2016 Olympics.

49ERS ROLLING WITH KAPColin Kaepernick to start at QB this week against Buffalo Bills. The 49ers are making a change at quarterback. "It was a football decision," coach Chip Kelly said. Kaepernick faces surging Bills defense in first start. The Buffalo Bills have won three straight, in large part because of strong defensive play. Niners Nation breaks down what’s next.

LAS VEGAS RAIDERS? Nevada senate passes Las Vegas stadium bill. Plenty of other things would still have to happen before the Raiders could move, but it's one step in the process.

HOSS OF THE WEEK: Vic Beasley outproduced his whole rookie season in one damn game against the Broncos. The Falcons defense found some life last week against the Broncos, thanks to a breakout performance from their first-round pick last year, Vic Beasley. He's Stephen White's Hoss of the Week.

GET READY FOR THE DAK ATTACK: The NFL wasn’t prepared for the "Dak Attack," but the Cowboys were. The Cowboys believe Tony Romo gives them their best shot at a Super Bowl this year, but that Dak Prescott gives them a shot at many more in the future.

WHEN GAMBLING METAPHORS GO BAD: The Panthers kept betting against the house and finally lost. Last season, the Panthers looked like geniuses for taking risks on the field and with the roster. It’s not paying off this season.

DO THEY LIKE THAT? Washington is still waiting for Kirk Cousins to prove himself. Another so-so performance in a so-far so-so season leaves Washington still waiting to see whether Cousins, its franchise-tag quarterback, is worthy of removing the "tag" part

WHY THE BEARS STINKMartellus Bennett says the Bears "had a bunch of bitches." Bennett once again criticized Bears quarterback Jay Cutler as well.

MORE JACKMyles Jack will play more "OTTO," says Gus Bradley. After playing well in his debut, Jaguars fans can expect to see more of Jack.

DAMN KICKERAdam Vinatieri is the oldest player in the NFL and still saves the Colts' asses every week. The 43-year-old leads the league in field goals and hasn’t missed in over a year.

BORING CELEBRATIONSBrowns WR Andrew Hawkins said he was trolling the NFL with boring TD celebration. Hawkins is fighting the good fight against the NFL’s efforts to make the game less fun.