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NFL Week 6 preview: Is this Dak Prescott's final start until Tony Romo gets injured again in 4 weeks?

The Uffsides crew previews the best games of Week 6, as well as the primetime offerings. Enjoy their thoughtful, analytics-driven commentary on the Chargers' role in the next Final Destination movie, the best Jimmy John's location in Seattle, Tony Romo's next injury, and a rematch of the worst NFL game of the last decade.

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Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview the five best games of Week 6 in the NFL, including:

Chargers-Broncos: The Broncos have won 9 of their past 10 games against the Chargers. They'll try to make it 10 of 11 under interim head coach Joe DeCamillis, who's stepping in for Gary Kubiak this week.

Seahawks-Falcons: Pete Carroll welcomes his former disciple, Dan Quinn, to the Pacific Northwest. It's only taken until Week 6 for the Seahawks to face an NFL quarterback, which somehow Matt Ryan is playing like this year.

Packers-Cowboys: In what may very well be Dak Prescott's final start until Tony Romo's 36-year-old body inevitably breaks down yet again, the Cowboys will look to continue riding their rookie backfield to a 5-1 record.

Texans-Colts: Two trash teams in a trash division with a Texans quarterback even trashier than their 2015 quarterbacks will go at it in a trashy Sunday Night Football game.

Cardinals-Jets: Hopefully this game will be a slight upgrade from this doozy.