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Philip Rivers reaction GIFs tell us exactly how the Broncos-Chargers game will unfold

The Chargers quarterback is a human emoji.

San Diego Chargers v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Chargers are terrible. Philip Rivers is not. He’s a bright shining star in a galaxy collapsing in on itself. He is a player to appreciate — maybe pity, just a little bit.

Not only is he fun to watch for what he can do on the field, he’s emotional and doesn’t try to hide it. Wild faces, bolo ties, and just all around bizarreness, none of which can be squelched by the league’s crusade against fun.

His reactions make for timeless GIFs and memes, many of which we can share around the internet without the fear of copyright lawyers dropping DCMA threats on our ass.

San Diego stinks this season. Rivers does not. I suspect Thursday’s game will give us at least a few Rivers GIFs, but in case we don’t get that, I tried to piece together the narrative of the Broncos-Chargers game with existing Rivers reaction GIFs and photos.

* * *

Pregame. Philip Rivers takes a moment to reflect. He’s played most of his career for a crappy team whose owners don’t really care much about the product on the field. They want to move to L.A. and they fired Norv Turner only to stick the team with Mike McCoy.

None of it stops Rivers from playing his ass off.

rivers anthem

Grab a snack. Wait, what’s that?

“SANDWICHES FOR DINNER! SANDWICHES FOR DINNER! Mom said we can have sandwiches for dinner!”

dance rivers

If the Chargers are true to form, they’re going to have a lead at some point in this game. Yes, I know that Denver’s defense is good and they won’t make it easy, but they’ll make it happen.

You got this, Phil! Go tell it to the helmet.

“Melvin Gordon fumbled and he can can’t get his own damn ice cream after that fumble.”

“No, Philip, come on, you’re bigger this.”

Rivers won't cry

The Chargers somehow take the lead again.

Rivers rises

Oh, hey girl.

TFW when the ref says it’s not a catch, but you can totally see his football move.

not a catch

Things are unraveling. Gotta stay cool though.

rivers so cool

“Still in it. Don’t give up. Let ‘em hear it!”

rivers let 'em know

The kicking team is coming in. Or maybe Mike McCoy is trying his best to manage the clock. More likely, one of Rivers’ teammates fumbled again.


Rivers grabs his helmet

And that’s it. It’s over.

worst day ever

Time to talk to the press, those vultures. But you can bet your bolo tie Rivers will be there.

bolo tie