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Colts and Texans fans reveal the depth of their heated rivalry

There's no love lost between these AFC South rivals.Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to SB Nation on YouTube

While the head-to-head record may not reflect it, the rivalry between the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans is heating up, spilling over from the field to the streets of each city. The Colts may have the upper hand historically, but the Texans have proved lately that there is room for multiple powers within the AFC South. Texans fans will be quick to remind their Indianapolis counterparts of that fact, having claimed three out of the last five division championships for this expansion franchise.

The Colts meanwhile have found a bit more fortune in terms of quarterback play, transitioning from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck with just one down year in between. While both sides agree that Luck (originally from Houston) can play, they're split on whether or not that beard is a good look, and what smells it can generate. But that won't be what decides this game. Both teams are going to leave it all on the field, fighting for a key divisional win over a rival, and these are the fans that will be cheering them on in victory or defeat.