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Brandin Cooks adjusts bow-and-arrow touchdown celebration to avoid penalty

Cooks unveiled the dance after scoring a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In an interview last week, New Orleans Saints wideout Brandin Cooks said the NFL's stringent taunting rules won't stop him from performing his trademark bow-and-arrow touchdown celebration. He followed through on his promise after an 87-yard touchdown ... sort of.

Apparently, it's not a penalty to draw your imaginary arrow, but it is a penalty to shoot it. Cooks likely verified this with the officials so he could continue to do his celebration without costing his team. The Saints receiver previously explained that he does the celebration for religious reasons.

Other wide receivers have said they'll still perform provocative touchdown celebrations this season despite the NFL's insistence on cracking down. New York Jets wideout Brandon Marshall said two weeks ago he would celebrate his next touchdown with a twerk celebration, mimicking Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, who's been fined twice for pelvic thrusting in the end zone. But when Marshall did a catch a touchdown, he passed.

Cleveland Browns wideout Andrew Hawkins seemed to stage a protest of his own last week, when he went out of his way to perform one of the lamest touchdown celebrations possible.

Interestingly enough, a number of Miami Dolphins said this week they support Cooks in his quest to celebrate. No word on whether they'll pick up his fine if he's disciplined, although that seems unlikely.