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Tony Romo was doing great a few weeks ago. Now, the Cowboys don't know when he'll be ready. Hmmmm.

Barely a month ago, Tony Romo was throwing a football and on his way to speedy return. Now, he's not expected to be ready until Week 10 at least.

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The Cowboys have a bye this week, and the week after that they have a home game against the Eagles. Dak Prescott will be starting that Week 8 game. Why is that significant? Because that's originally when Tony Romo was targeted to come back, but now, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Romo "may not be ready" the week after that, Week 9.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Romo's back was healed, all he had to do was to get himself into playing shape. He was throwing the football as far back as Sept. 23, and on Sept. 12, Jerry Jones boasted that Romo would be back sooner than they expected.

We have nothing to go on but what's being selectively released, but it sure is starting to sound like the Cowboys are quietly leaving themselves plenty of room to leave Prescott as their starting QB.

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Eli Manning wasn’t saying I’m sick of Odell’s antics. "I’m not tired of it. Thought y’all might get tired of it. That was my comment. It’s up to you, and maybe thought it was me. But I’m talking about you. I’m fine with it." OK then!

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Art Rooney II expects Ben Roethlisberger to be out less than a month. "Keeping my fingers crossed," the Steelers president says of a speedy Big Ben recovery.

Eddie Lacy unlikely to play for a while. The Packers appear unlikely to have either of their top two backs for Thursday's game against the Bears.

The Titans are not for sale to anyone, including Jon Bon Jovi, says the owner. The Titans are still working to establish ownership structure compliant with the NFL.

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