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Terrelle Pryor got penalized for doing the LeBron celebration after his 1st receiving touchdown and we're sad

Ball or not, this never should have happened

Terrelle Pryor felt catching his first NFL touchdown pass EVER was cause for celebration.

So he did what any excited athlete would do and performed the LeBron James clutch dance.

And promptly got penalized for it, and later, fined:

Apparently, if you don't put the ball down first, it's grounds for unsportsmanlike conduct, because the ball is considered a prop.

Give the guy a break — it's not like the ball was performing an integral role in the dance, it's just hanging out there. Besides, he's still kind of new to this whole wide receiver thing.

At halftime, Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson told Stacey Dales, "Terrelle's doing good. He just can't have the theatrics afterward. That's not something we do."

Guess the NFL thinks he should leave the dancing to LeBron.