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NFL Week 7 preview: David Johnson can only be stopped by his fiancée

The Uffsides crew breaks down the biggest factors in NFL's Week 7, including Sam Bradford's return to Philly, Jim Bob Cooter's criminal history, and whether Brock Osweiler could handle the Dr. Pepper Challenge.

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Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview the five best games of Week 7 in the NFL, including:

Eagles-Vikings: Sam Bradford returns to his old stomping grounds, somehow leading an undefeated Vikings squad that's seen injury strike their 47 best offensive players.

Washington-Lions: The Lions' powerful offense is keeping them afloat despite their historically awful defense. Gold star for offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter, a.k.a. the stereotypical American in British films.

Steelers-Patriots: Ben Roethlisberger's gonna miss this one with a knee injury, so with Krang's exo-suit sidelined, it'll be up to Landry Jones to knock off Tom Brady and propel the Steelers to the top of the AFC standings. Also, a look at the weirdness stemming from Brady's relationship with Trump.

Cardinals-Seahawks: Carson Palmer, limited with a hamstring injury, will try to lead the Cardinals to their first home win over the Seahawks since Russell Wilson's first career game. The Seahawks will look to take down things that fly in the sky for the 3rd straight game.

Broncos-Texans: Gary Kubiak returns to the Broncos following a one-week hiatus and Brock Osweiler returns to Denver. With a couple mediocre offenses and strong defenses, all the fun's on that side of the ball though. If only they could take the field simultaneously.