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Davante Adams might be the answer to Aaron Rodgers' struggles

Adams helped solve Rodgers' offensive troubles, at least for one night.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers have struggled offensively over the past few weeks, but it looks like Davante Adams may be the key to getting Aaron Rodgers back on track. Adams scored two of Green Bay’s three touchdowns, and the Packers beat the Chicago Bears with a final score of 26-10 on Thursday Night Football.

It was an ugly day for the Green Bay offense for stretches of the game, but they stayed focused on the pass in the second half and got into a rhythm. Prior to Thursday’s game, Rodgers had just one second-half touchdown all season. All three of Rodgers’ passing touchdowns against the Bears came in the second half.

Adams stepped up for the Packers, leading the receiving corps with 13 catches for 132 yards and two touchdowns. Adams was the key to opening up the offense, making the plays Green Bay needed to get its fourth win of the season.

Adams had been on the injury report this week after suffering a concussion against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6, but was able to clear the league’s protocol and return to the field for an impressive performance against the Bears.

Through six weeks of the season, which included a bye for Green Bay, Adams had 15 catches for 218 yards and three touchdowns. He had more than half that yardage and two-thirds of the touchdowns in just one night.

Rodgers’ touchdown pass to Randall Cobb in the fourth quarter was the 37th completion of the day, which set a franchise record. Rodgers finished with 326 yards and three touchdowns, setting a new franchise high mark for completions in one game at 39.

The Packers have underperformed this season, and Rodgers has struggled, leading some to speculate about whether he’s is on the decline. At 3-2, there were even questions about whether or not Green Bay would manage to make the playoffs, particularly in a division with the still-undefeated Minnesota Vikings. This win helps keep the Packers in a position to compete for a wild card bid, at least.

The Packers defense did its part. They were aggressive, allowing just one touchdown. Quarterback Brian Hoyer, filling in for an injured Jay Cutler, broke his arm after taking a sack by Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers. Matt Barkley had to fill in and finished the day with 81 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions.

Green Bay brought pressure on Barkley consistently, too, and a late-game interception — and an enthusiastic, though minimal return — by rookie inside linebacker Blake Martinez helped eliminate any hopes at a comeback the Bears may have been harboring.

Not to be outdone, outside linebacker Nick Perry added a Matt Barkley interception of his own to seal the win for Green Bay.

The undefeated Vikings are definitely the team to catch in the NFC North, but the Packers did their best Thursday night to stay in the postseason hunt thanks in large part to Davante Adams.