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Ravens vs. Jets 2016, NFL picks and predictions: Not much love for Geno Smith-led New York

New York is stuck between underwhelming quarterbacks, and that's made Baltimore an easy pick for a Week 7 win.

The good news is the Jets have plenty of options at quarterback. The bad news is they all suck in their own, unique ways.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a veteran passer who does his best work throwing to players wearing different color jerseys than his own. Geno Smith is a rangy mobile quarterback, which gives him an ever-expanding variety of ways to turn the ball over. Christian Hackenberg was one of the NCAA's hottest players in 2014 before winding up on the side of a milk carton in 2015. He wound up a second-round pick anyway for reasons no one quite understands outside the Jets front officeBryce Petty may or may not be three raccoons stacked up inside a trench coat.

That group, Fitzpatrick in particular, is a big reason why a formerly 10-6 New York team has stumbled out to a 1-5 start in 2016. The Jets' playoff hopes have been all but dashed; only one team has rallied to the postseason after losing five of its first six games since 1990. They can still shake up the AFC playoff race on Sunday when they face a Baltimore team plummeting back to earth after a hot start to 2016.

The Ravens have been a streaky team this fall. Joe Flacco led his team to the top of the conference with a 3-0 start only to see it slip away in the three-game losing streak that followed. Baltimore couldn't keep up as its schedule grew more difficult, leading to losses against Oakland, Washington, and New York. For the season, the team is just 1-3 when it comes to opponents with current records at .500 or better.

Fortunately for them, New York isn't even close to .500. The Jets haven't won since getting Buffalo offensive coordinator Greg Roman fired in a Week 2 triumph over the Bills. Those losses have all come against strong teams -- the stretch included two division leaders (Pittsburgh, Seattle) and a team from last year's NFC Championship (Arizona) -- but they haven't even been close. In the four games that followed, they've lost by 21, 10, 18, and 25 points. The Jets don't rank higher than 23rd when it comes to points or yardage allowed. No team in the league scores fewer than their 15.8 points per game.

While New York will have the benefit of home-field advantage, the numbers don't favor a homecoming win. Experts across sports media are leaning hard towards a Ravens revival on Sunday. ESPN's writers picked Baltimore over New York 8-1. Over at CBS, only two analysts were bold enough to run with the Jets.

Our panel here at SB Nation gives New York a bit more of a shot; only six of our panelists chose the Ravens in Week 7.

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