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NFL TV ratings are nosediving, so here's a Jaguars-Titans primetime game for you

How much football is too much?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

We just can't escape the conversation about the NFL and its sinking TV ratings, which are down as much as 20 percent. And here we are hours away from a primetime game between the Jaguars and Titans. Hmm ...

Over-saturation is definitely a problem for the league. Roger Goodell's quest to make pro football a $25 billion per year business once looked so easy, but to get there they had to sell out and stuff football into every available nook and cranny consumers have left. That's not comfortable!

Thursday's game presents another good question. Odds are a Jags-Titans tilt doesn't excite you. It shouldn't! Neither one of these teams are very good, but why is that? Both teams have talent, better rosters than they've had in five years, but the results are the same. The biggest fault in the league's parity might be the easy profits for owners. There's no incentive and no accountability for greedy billionaires to put a quality product on the field (how do you think Jeff Fisher keeps a job? Or Mike Mularkey?) because they cash in no matter what.

There's no one easy answer for why the ratings are in a tailspin. There might never be. Sometimes, tastes just change, for whatever combination of reasons driving that shift.

But at least we've got Jags-Titans to fill the void in our otherwise meaningless Thursday night.


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