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Texans coach Bill O’Brien is still yelling, this time at his special teams coach

Houston sent 10 guys out on kickoff coverage, and O’Brien was furious about it.

Things are going pretty well for the Houston Texans in Week 8. Brock Osweiler showed off improved poise en route to a 16-of-23 first-half performance and a 14-3 lead over the 4-3 Lions.

You wouldn’t know it from Bill O’Brien’s sideline demeanor, however. The oft-angry Texans head coach had to be separated from his own assistant on Sunday.

The third-year Houston coach chewed out special teams coordinator Larry Izzo after the Texans lined up only 10 men on a kickoff and had to burn a timeout to fix the situation. Izzo knows a thing or two about special teams; the 14-year NFL veteran was both an All-Pro and Pro Bowler for his kicking game play with the New England Patriots.