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Raiders just set a terrible NFL record with their 23rd penalty in a single game, and they still won

The Raiders have shot themselves in the foot so many times they’ve run out of toes ... twice.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Del Rio’s Oakland Raiders set an NFL record Sunday. Not a good one, mind you.

Oakland was flagged 23 times in its showdown with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, breaking a 72-year-old record in the process. Offensive lineman Vadal Alexander was flagged for illegal formation with 6:48 to play in overtime, breaking a mark established in 1944 and most recently tied by San Francisco in 1998.

One play later, the Raiders were flagged again for a hold on third down. Mercifully, the Buccaneers declined and the record stayed at 23.

Despite the 200 penalty yards, the Raiders still managed to pull off the victory with a walk-off touchdown pass on fourth down from Derek Carr to Seth Robert that went for 41 yards.

The touchdown and the victory can probably help the Raiders stomach the fact that they snapped a record that isn’t the best one to own.