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The Cowboys are not inclined to screw up their starting QB situation just yet

There's no QB controversy in Dallas, not yet.

Dak Prescott was good enough to salvage the win for Dallas. He struggled until midway through the fourth quarter, but when the chips were down, Dak Prescott came through for Dallas. Jerry Jones said Tony Romo’s not ready to play, so there's no QB controversy in Dallas yet. Dak Prescott will start in Cleveland next week.


Cam Newton said he "doesn't feel protected" by NFL officials and plans to talk to Roger Goodell about it. The NFL is already pushing back on his assertions, because they are obviously very concerned about player safety. The truth of it is that this is a problem and not just for Newton.


Are we sure that Jermaine Kearse didn’t score a game-winning touchdown against Saints? It sure looks like a close call, close enough to leave lots of Seahawks fans with something to be mad about.


The Falcons' last-minute comeback was amazing. The 33-32 victory puts the Falcons at 5-3, ends a two-game slide, and addresses a few lingering doubts.


The Panthers returned to winning form against Cardinals. The Panthers held on despite a late attempt at a Cardinals comeback to push their record to 2-5. They did it largely with the same dominant defense we saw last season. Leonard Johnson brought a much needed spark to the Panthers secondary. The former Buccaneer finally got on the field in 2016 and he made the most of it.


Derek Carr broke all kinds of records, other Raiders superlatives in OT win over Buccaneers. Having to come back from all the penalties had Derek Carr putting up some monster numbers. Carr's team also set the record for penalties.


President Obama predicts Super Bowl LI: Patriots over Seahawks. The most powerful man in the world would put his money on New England.

It was a VERY SEXY WEEK in the NFL

It started with some simple, innocent lovin’, an Earl Thomas hug for a referee (he got a flag).

Things got real sexy real fast in Buffalo when Gronk scored his 69th career touchdown. Nice. Nifty even!

But then, Bills Mafia got down and dirty. They threw a dildo on the field. Yes, a great big ol’ pink, rubber penis. One of the refs kicked it off the field. Gronk said "it was for the Bills."

This week in the war on fun

Barely 48 hours after fining a player for taking imaginary pictures, one of the refs in the Seahawks-Saints game flagged Earl Thomas for hugging him.


Tom Coughlin could be next Jacksonville Jaguars coach. Ahhh, it's coming full circle for the Jaguars.


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Not even a blatant hold from Josh Norman could stop A.J. Green from making a spectacular catch.

He was probably (hopefully!) being sarcastic, but Jay Gruden said he didn't know games could end in a tie.

Josh Norman wants the refs reprimanded after he was flagged five times against the Bengals.

DeAndre Hopkins is lifting Brock Osweiler's spirits with a sweet one-handed catch.

Gronk scored the 69th touchdown of his career. If only there was a word to describe the occasion ...

Browns fans messed up their sign, so say goodbye to the Dawg Pound and say hello to #GPODAWUND.

Raiders OT Donald Penn scored a FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN against the team that once cut him.

Bill O'Brien got REAL MAD at his special teams coordinator.

Pete Carroll got REAL MAD at the refs.

Quincy Enunwa might have saved Ryan Fitzpatrick's job all by himself.

Never tweet, Joe Namath.

We have a solution to the NFL's declining ratings: frisbee dog!

Sunday was not a very kicker-friendly day.

Washington's PR guy shoved a German reporter who tried to interview kicker Dustin Hopkins.

Richard Sherman was on the wrong end of a no call this week, and he didn't like it one bit.

Travis Benjamin's touchdown catch was so mesmerizing it should be an award-winning film.

The Chargers coached themselves to a loss.

The Cowboys' best play against the Eagles was a fake punt.

Did Dez catch it? (Yes, he did.)