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The NFL should let Antonio Brown do as much humping as he wants

How many pelvic thrusts are too much? The NFL needs to let us know.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Steelers' Mike Tomlin is sick of NFL's double-standard with Antonio Brown. "We have to get some clarity in terms of what's legal and what's not," the Steelers coach said. Brown got penalized for his thrusts last week, even though he only gave two. The week before, Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders did some pelvic thrusting against the Bengals, getting a good three pumps in there, but he didn't get a flag.

Tomlin added that he feels certain players get extra scrutiny from officials and the league, pointing to Odell Beckham Jr., as well as Brown. There is somewhat of a different reason those two players are getting scrutinized, but he's not wrong.

Think about how hard it is for the NFL and its referees to figure out what a catch is. The same logic now applies to the swath of taunting and celebration penalties being called this season. It makes sense that the league wants to keep fighting out of the game, but does that really need to come at the expense of letting players enjoy themselves?

What about the children? What about the damn children. Are they not free to enjoy the spectacle of the game and possibly learn that the right amount of grinding can be both an expression and celebration at the same time? Kids are going to grow up humping anyway, and the NFL can teach them to better appreciate it.

Take away the pelvic thrusts and what's next? High-fives? Winning smiles? Hip bumps? I'm not sure, but it's not the kind of league I want to see.


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