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NFL Week 10 preview: Have the Seahawks and Patriots played before? I don't remember

The Uffsides crew tackles the hardest questions about Week 10's best matchups, such as: Does Sean Payton know who his defensive coordinator is? Do the Steelers or Cowboys have the worst fans? Are Matt Ryan's teeth real? And why did Andy Dalton let Kirk Van Houten design his logo?

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Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview the five best games of Week 10 in the NFL, including:

Saints-Broncos: The Saints, winners of four of their last five, host the defending champs. Drew Brees continues to amaze in his old age, especially in the cozy confines of the Superdome where he's tossed 12 touchdowns against just two picks this year. The question is if Trevor Siemian and the Broncos will be able to make some noise against whoever Sean Payton thinks is coordinating the Saints defense.

Eagles-Falcons: The Eagles have been reeling after their sizzling 3-0 start, but this week, for the first time since Week 6 (!) play a team that doesn't get two weeks to prepare for Carson Wentz and co. Wentz should be able to get on track against that Falcons pass defense, especially with concerns surrounding Desmond Trufant, Atlanta's top corner. The matchup between the Falcons offense and Eagles defense -- both units atop the DVOA rankings -- should be all kinds of fun.

Cowboys-Steelers: Romo! It looks like Tony Romo's all healed up from his broken back, and we're all very excited to see him return to action as the Cowboys now have a sweet new backup quarterback ... if he can supplant the Sanchize.

Patriots-Seahawks: The first-ever matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots should be fascinating. But it'll be an uphill climb for the Seahawks amid a cross-country, short-week trip to face a team coming off a bye. Because the NFL is very good at scheduling.

Giants-Bengals: Get ready for this scintillating Eli Manning-Andy Dalton matchup that should be the talk of the town. At least Dalton should be comfortable facing a Giants pass rush led by a safety. Good thing they don't have any high-priced defensive ends.