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Marquette King, America’s favorite punter, says he ‘couldn’t kick to save [his] life.’

“If I had to save my life, I’d have to fight the person.”

The Oakland Raiders had the week off, which meant Snapchat-video-come-to-life/punter Marquette King had the opportunity to make his rounds with the media during the bye. When the topic shifted to Graham Gano handling both kicking and punting duties for Carolina after normal punter Andy Lee pulled his hamstring, King didn’t mind sharing some blunt self-criticism with his hosts.

“For me to transition from punting to kicking, it would be hard,” he told the panel of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. “I can’t kick to save my life.”

When his hosts pressed him on making a 30-yard field goal, King clarified his stance.

“If I had to save my life, I’d have to fight the person ... If they put me at receiver, I could do that, but kicking the ball is just a totally different mechanic.”

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was not as convinced about King’s skills as a wideout.

King was recruited to Fort Valley State as a wide receiver, but found himself behind a glut of skill players at the position. To keep his scholarship he was forced to become the Wildcats’ punter — but not kick.

So be forewarned, imaginary and elaborate captors. If you force Marquette King to choose between his life and a 30-yard field goal, you’re gonna get punched.

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