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NFL Week 11 preview: The Packers will struggle until Aaron Rodgers eats cheese again

The Uffsides crew analyzes key aspects of the best Week 11 games, such as Jeff Fisher's mustache care, the Rams' quest for 7-9 under Jared Goff, the religious earth-magic powering Frank Gore's longevity, and who would play Pete Carroll in a biopic.

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Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview the five best games of Week 11 in the NFL, including:

Titans-Colts: Mike Mularkey is somehow captaining the Titans' ship to competence behind Marcus Mariota's recent scintillating run. But Andrew Luck and the Colts are desperate for a W to keep their AFC South dreams alive -- just gotta feed Frank Gore, their running Gollum.

Rams-Dolphins: Jared Goff has finally been named the Rams' starter (like, five minutes after filming this episode). Can he pick up an offense that Todd Gurley sure as hell isn't carrying? With the Dolphins riding high in the midst of their longest winning streak in nearly a decade, why not pay homage to that '08 squad's Wildcat revolution and let Ryan Tannehill split out wide like his good ol' Aggie days.

Seahawks-Eagles: The Bird Battle of the Week features a Seahawks team feeling good after (sorta) avenging their Super Bowl XLIX loss and getting Thomas Rawls back from his leg injury. For the Eagles to emerge from this one victorious, they might need Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor to hang on to footballs. It just might be crazy enough to work.

Washington-Packers: The reeling Packers will be trying to avoid their first four-game losing streak since Aaron Rodgers' debut season as their starter -- at least Mike McCarthy's unemployment beard has him ready for his impending doom. Can they break out of their slump against Kirk Cousins (who is better at playing quarterback in the red zone than anyone is at anything) and co.?

Texans-Raiders: On Monday night, the show hits the road in Mexico. The fans there will get treated to an awesome quarterback duel in MVP candidate Derek Carr, and on the other side ... well, one out of two ain't bad. Ostracizing the Carr name in Houston appears to have been an oops.