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Colts fooled Titans with an incredibly elaborate screen pass to Frank Gore that wasn’t supposed to happen

Gore took a wildcat snap and pitched to Luck, who threw it back to Gore, and the whole thing was kinda great, really.

The Indianapolis Colts are making a statement on Sunday after taking an early 14-0 lead against the Tennessee Titans. Part of that is thanks to wildcat quarterback/wildcat receiver Frank Gore.

Gore took a wildcat snap before pitching the ball back to quarterback Andrew Luck, who sold the Titans secondary on a flea-flicker deep ball so hard Gore went unnoticed. The veteran running back slipped through the line to catch Luck’s pass, then rumbled 49 yards down to the Tennessee 5-yard line.

After the game, Andrew Luck revealed that the play was kind of a fluke.

“It wasn’t how we drew it up,” Luck said. It’s supposed to go deep to T. Y. [Hilton] and the second outlet was Donte.”

“Frank has an uncanny ability to play football and react to things the right way. He reacted well and somehow my eyes found him. I was sort of looking to throw it away and he just happened to be there and I found him.”

Luck connected with Donte Moncrief two plays later for a 2-yard touchdown pass to extend the home team’s lead to 14-0.