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Texans appeared to get a first down, but the referees didn’t give it to them

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Even after review, they were denied.

The Monday Night Football game between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders saw some controversy with officiating early when DeAndre Hopkins was called out of bounds on a play in which it seemed like he scored.

We had some more questionable calls in the fourth quarter, when the Texans were not awarded the first down on a crucial third down midway through the quarter with the game tied.

It appeared that Lamar Miller had enough for the first down, and Bill O’Brien didn’t challenge the spot.

On fourth down, the Texans went for it yet again — and once again it appeared that they had the first down.

O’Brien challenged the play this time, but the referees still didn’t award the Texans the first down.

Surely this is one we’ll be hearing about after the game.