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NFL Week 13 preview: Which Seahawks team will show up against the Panthers?

Did you know that Justin Tucker enabled Joe Buck's Barney impression? Or that Dolphins coach Adam Gase looks like a Russian gangster? Or that Nathan Lane (maybe) just died? Of course not, and that's why you should watch the Uffsides preview of Week 13's best NFL games.

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Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview the five best games of Week 13 in the NFL, including:

Falcons-Chiefs: The Chiefs are coming off a miraculous win in Denver where the nation got to see Tyreek Hill do all of the football things. They travel to Atlanta -- all the Falcons need to do to win is make sure they don't throw to Julio Jones.

Steelers-Giants: The Giants are somehow 8-3 despite a scoring differential of +4 on the season before padding that figure against the Browns. And Janoris Jenkins, who wasn't particularly nice to Terrelle Pryor after Week 12's matchup, should eat a nice slice of humble pie against that Antonio Brown fella in Pittsburgh.

Raiders-Bills: Derek Carr, dislocated finger and all, just led the Raiders back from behind to knock off the Panthers and clinch the Raiders' first winning season since Lincoln was in office. Also, we know Rex loves feet, but what's Rob's fetish?

Ravens-Dolphins: Apparently the NFL is now a league where Ryan Tannehill can win six games in a row -- and both of these teams would be in the playoffs if they started today ... and yet the most compelling player in this game is Ravens kicker Justin Tucker.

Seahawks-Panthers: Why wasn't this one flexed? Both teams have all sorts of issues up front along the offensive line. The Seahawks continue their Jekyll and Hyde routine where one minute they're beating the Patriots in Foxboro and the next they're either tying folks or scoring five points in Tampa. Which team shows up Sunday?