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The Rams won't change their crappy offense just for Jared Goff

At a time when teams are rewriting their playbooks to adapt to quarterbacks, the Rams are steadfast in bending their rookie to fit an offensive system that doesn't score points. Jeff Fisher's commitment to "7-9 bullshit" as a way of life is unwavering.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Case Keenum hasn't proven to be a very effective starter, but the Rams are adamant about sticking with him. So why isn't the team playing Jared Goff? Because he's not ready? Kind of. He's not ready because they refuse to adapt their obviously very successful offensive system to Goff's style of play, as noted in a report by Emily Kaplan of MMQB.

This is the same offense that's got a run-pass ratio of 58/42 percent, an offense that prefers Keenum over tailback Todd Gurley. It's the same offense that's turning Gurley into a plodding non-factor with a 3.0 yards per attempt on his carries. It's the 30th-ranked offense in the league, scoring an average of 17 points per game in a modern NFL where the rules have been completely rewritten for the fantasy football age.

And the Rams want their first-round pick, the guy they traded oodles of draft capital to acquire, to bend to THEIR system.

Meanwhile, quarterback play is better than it's ever been. One reason for that is the fact that teams are embracing the shotgun rather than forcing their signal callers into the old under center style. Surprise, it's working, as Bill Barwell points out in exposing that the decline of NFL quarterback play is myth.

But not the Rams. Jeff Fisher's commitment to "7-9 bullshit" as a way of life is unwavering.

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