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Steelers and Bengals fans reveal the depth of their heated rivalry

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals square off in Week 15. We all know the teams aren't all that fond of each other ... and that bleeds down to their fans.

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There might not be a more intense, heated rivalry right now in the NFL than that which exists between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals. While Mike Tomlin's Steelers have gotten the better of Marvin Lewis' Bengals in 15 of their 20 matchups, when these two teams get together, they always reach a new level of physicality and bad blood.

Especially with so much of the animosity stemming from high-stakes postseason football -- from Kimo von Oelhoffen's blowing up Carson Palmer's knee on the Bengals' second play of the game 11 years ago to Vontaze Burfict concussing Antonio Brown late in the Steelers' Wild Card win last year, both teams feel that the other has used bush league maneuvers to keep them from a potential Super Bowl run.

The history between these two teams has cultivated an animosity between the two fan bases. Nothing gives 'em more pleasure than if they can play a role in ruining the season for the other. And with the Steelers headed to Cincy for a Week 15 showdown, there's plenty at stake for both teams. If the Steelers win, the Bengals would be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention -- but if the Bengals win, they'd potentially pull within a game and a half of the AFC North lead and make the Steelers start to sweat a bit. No pressure.