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Dak Prescott would need a ‘prolonged slump’ to get replaced by Tony Romo

Romo could end up back in the starting lineup, but it’s pretty unlikely at this point.

Baltimore Ravens v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There’s still a chance Tony Romo could start at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys — but only if rookie Dak Prescott’s recent struggles extend across multiple games.’s Ian Rapoport talked to several Cowboy sources and reported Romo’s time as starter may not be over, but the odds are certainly against the veteran.

“Tony Romo is the backup, that is his role, and everyone is fine with that,” Rapoport told NFL Network’s Rich Eisen. “It would take a prolonged slump from Dak Prescott in order to call in Tony Romo ... He needs to struggle, maybe over the course of a month. Maybe they would call in Tony Romo.

“Make no mistake, this is Dak Prescott’s team. Now and for the future.”

Prescott slid into the starting lineup after Romo broke a bone in his back during the preseason. The rookie fourth-round pick has been masterful behind center, emerging as an MVP candidate while leading the Cowboys to a perfect record against any team not called the Giants. Romo has handled his role as a backup and mentor well, but could be traded this offseason rather than weigh down the Dallas roster as an extremely expensive second-stringer.