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Cam Newton still can't get a break from NFL referees

The Panthers quarterback got hit in the head, but didn't get the call from refs.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

PANTHERS WIN, BUT THERE'S CONTROVERSYCam Newton kept Josh Norman quiet in the Panthers’ 26-15 win over Washington. The much-heralded rematch didn’t quite live up to its billing. Cam Newton was flagged on a play where he got hit in the head by a defender. He got called for taunting, but only after a blown call. The ref says he didn't see the forcible helmet hit. This was the same ref from the Panthers' Week 8 game that had Newton criticizing the league's double standard.

Washington’s Jordan Reed was ejected for punching Panthers’ Kurt Coleman. Reed connected with the helmet of Coleman and when Coleman tried to get Reed off of him, Reed threw a punch.

Kirk Cousins wipes out a cheerleader but she bounces right up like a champ. She was just fine after being caught off guard.

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GET OFF THE GUS BUSScapegoating Gus Bradley as the problem is bad for the Jaguars’ future. The Jaguars don’t look like they’ll make sweeping changes, and that’s a dangerous choice. Related: Bradley should’ve never gotten on the Jaguars’ plane.

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HO HO HOEzekiel Elliott's Salvation Army TD celebration led to a huge spike in donations. Elliott won’t be fined by the NFL, and he plans to make a contribution to the Salvation Army, too.

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