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Michael Bennett said '2 pumps get you a baby, 3 pumps gets you a fine' while wearing a Christmas sweater of his sack dance

Bennett also pulled off a convincing cosplay as Russian Santa.

Seattle Seahawks press conferences are never boring. Some days you get Richard Sherman telling a reporter how he’d ruin his career. On Wednesday, Michael Bennett addressed the media wearing a holiday sweater with an image of his Rick Rude-inspired, hip-gyrating sack celebration plastered on the front.

The ever-outspoken Bennett used this opportunity to express his frustration with league officials and the inconsistent application of penalties and fines on game day and beyond. He was nailed with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty last Thursday for performing the pelvic thrusting dance after sacking Jared Goff.

“I'm never clear on the NFL's rules,” Bennett told the press. “I just try to go along with it. One of my friends, she's from China, and she asked me, ‘Michael I don't understand the rules’ and I said, ‘I don't understand the rules either.’"

When asked if anyone had egged him on, the All-Pro pass rusher had no problem playfully pointing fingers at his teammates.

"I think it was Cliff [Avril]. Cliff had everything to do with that. Him and Frank [Clark]. They should have stopped me. Good friends stop friends from doing stuff like that."

Bennett also relayed an important piece of information about Pete Carroll’s closed door meetings with the team. Yes, the Seahawks have in fact watched Key & Peele’s famous sketch about how many pumps constitute an excessive celebration in the NFL.

"I think two pumps get you a baby,” he told media members. “Three pumps gets you a fine."

Anyone who wants their own sack dance Christmas sweater can pick up the official version at Bennett’s delightfully named online shop,