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Lions finally win a game they weren't trailing in the 4th quarter

Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions have been the comeback kings of the NFL, but on Sunday they achieved a feat they haven’t done all season long — they won a game after leading in the fourth quarter.

It’s a remarkable quandary of NFL weirdness. In seven of the Lions’ eight wins they were trailing in the fourth quarter, before finally pulling ahead. Here’s how it went down until they visited the New Orleans Saints:

Week 1: Down 35-34 vs. Colts, won 39-35

Week 5: Down 23-21 vs. Eagles, won 24-23

Week 6: Down 28-21 vs. Rams, won 31-28

Week 7: Down 17-13 vs. Washington, won 20-17

Week 9: Down 16-12 vs. Vikings, won 22-16 in overtime

Week 11: Down 19-16 vs. Jaguars, won 26-19

Week 12: Down 13-10 vs. Vikings, won 16-13

Then came the Saints game. Detroit controlled New Orleans for much of the day and entered the fourth quarter up, 19-6, and held on to win, 28-13.

Congratulations to the Lions for breaking the weirdest streak in the NFL.