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3 Broncos team buses were involved in a minor traffic accident

The Denver Broncos trip back to the team hotel after practice on Monday was delayed slightly after three of the team buses were involved in a minor traffic accident. According to the team, no one was injured, but one bus did need to be replaced.

DeMarcus Ware first tweeted about the accident.

As you can see there was some minimal damage to one of the buses.

Outside of a small delay on getting back from practice, this is a relatively small story during a busy Super Bowl week. It is a bit of a strange thing to happen, especially considering the team had a police escort. Well, it turns out there was a culprit.

It's only a matter of time until someone develops a conspiracy theory trying to blame this on a Panthers fan. Actually, with how some people feel about Cam Newton, someone is probably furiously typing up a letter to the editor blaming the accident specifically on Newton.