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Josh Norman takes issue with Deion Sanders over defense of Odell Beckham Jr.

Panthers cornerback Josh Norman made sure Deion Sanders knew that he wasn't happy with the NFL Network personality's defense of Odell Beckham Jr. in December.

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A conversation between Josh Norman and Deion Sanders got a bit tense and awkward at Super Bowl Opening Night on Monday when the Carolina Panthers cornerback made it clear that he wasn't happy with Sanders defending the actions of Odell Beckham Jr. earlier in the season.

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"I really didn't agree with what you had going with Odell during that whole situation," Norman told Sanders during an interview for NFL Network. "You had his back on some stuff and you said something like that if he was your son you would've gave him props or something like 'Go out and do your thing.' You said that and it's like, okay, this man ran 10 yards at me full speed trying to take me out or something and that's what you're going to pat on the back and say good job?"

Norman's contention with Sanders stemmed from his comments in December after a 38-35 win for the Panthers over the New York Giants. Beckham eventually drew a one-game suspension for his actions during the game, which included a headfirst dive into the helmet of Norman. In interviews, Sanders was one of the first to come to the defense of Beckham, explaining that he understood the receiver's actions even if he didn't condone them.

On Monday, Sanders explained himself to Norman by telling him he'd be proud of either Beckham or Norman as his son because he's "trying to raise a dog."

Norman didn't seem particularly satisfied with the response from Sanders, but the interview began and ended on high notes, so any beef between Norman and Sanders appears to have been raised and squashed all in a matter of a couple minutes.