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Another sign that Peyton Manning is retiring

It's getting pretty obvious what The Sheriff plans to do next season.

ANOTHER SIGNPeyton Manning retiring? More signs point to yes. Check out what he was telling players from the Panthers at the Super Bowl. He'll have to make a decision by March 8, or someone will. If he's still on the Broncos' roster as of March 9, his $19 million salary for the 2016 season becomes fully guaranteed.

JOHNNY DRAMA: Johnny Manziel showed up drunk at practice and the Browns lied about it. Not a good look for the team.

HOW CLOSE IS CLOSE? Is Fletcher Cox hinting that he's not close on a new deal with the Eagles? The Eagles and Cox have reportedly been close on a deal for two weeks. Cox isn't so sure they are.

THE BRONCOS KNEWMalik Jackson: "We knew we had the edge on them." Malik Jackson talks free agency, Cam Newton and being battle tested with the Afternoon Drive.

ORANGE CRUSHBroncos parade boasts one million fans celebrating Super Bowl 50 victory. The Denver Broncos' Super Bowl parade featured one million orange-clad members of Broncos Country.

A BEAST OF HIS OWN: What Marshawn Lynch meant to the Seahawks, their fans and me. Danny Kelly reflects on Lynch's career and the mark he left on Seattle and its fans.

EXPLAINING CAM: Cam Newton explains why he didn't jump on his fumble late in the Super Bowl. This makes a lot of sense. The Panthers defended Cam's action on the fumble, too. More importantly, Cam gave a very rational defense for walking out of the press conference after the game, borrowing a very famous quote from a very famous football legend ... and people still got mad.


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