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Marshawn Lynch is too cool for the Hall of Fame

Does Marshawn Lynch belong in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Here's a better question: Why would it matter to him?

Here are Marshawn Lynch's career stats: 9,112 rushing yards (of which more than 5,000 came after contact), 83 total touchdowns, and six 100-yard rushing games in the playoffs (Emmitt Smith and Terrell Davis hold the record with seven).

Is that good enough for induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Many have already pointed out that Lynch's numbers resemble those of Earl Campbell, another bruising running back feared by defenders, but Lynch's early-ish retirement means he's well short of the 12,000 career yards most Hall of Fame backs accrue.

That's the boring part of the discussion. Here's the one that interests me more: what have we seen from Marshawn Lynch that would suggest he even remotely cares about making the Hall of Fame? He made his money, and he went back home to Oakland. In the video above, I posit that's all he's ever really cared about. And that fierce individualism is what makes him Beast Mode, a folk hero who never needed the Hall of Fame.