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It's time to pretend you're an NFL salary cap expert

Like birds chirping and tulip bulbs sprouting up, the NFL's franchise window is a sure sign that spring is here. So who's going to get the tag this season?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

TAG TIMEWho's going to get the franchise tag? Josh Norman and Von Miller are two candidates for it. Tuesday marks the first day of the year that teams can designate a franchise player (though they usually wait until the March 1 deadline.

RICH KICKERHow the San Francisco 49ers could make Phil Dawson the highest paid kicker ever. Might as well. He was their best player in 2015.

DECISIONS, DECISIONSKansas City Chiefs have seven of the top 75 NFL free agents. Eric Berry or Sean Smith could get the franchise tag, but that still leaves plenty of work for the front office to keep from bleeding too much talent this spring.

SALARY CAP2016 NFL salary cap space expected to leap up to at least $155 million. That's a jump of $11 million from last year.


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BRONCOS QBIs Brock Osweiler overvalued? The Denver Broncos better know what they have in Brock Osweiler if they intend to commit to him long term with big money. They're also said to be "enamored" with QB prospect Dak Prescott who could be a replacement for Osweiler or, more likely, his backup.

PITTSBURGH SPRINGSteelers need to make all the right moves this offseason. The Steelers are already one of a handful of teams favored to win Super Bowl 51. With that in mind, how will Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin and the rest of Pittsburgh's decision-makers go about making the team better and Super Bowl-ready this offseason?

TRADE WINDS: The Titans GM has had couple of conversations regarding No. 1 pick. Titans GM Jon Robinson confirms he has taken some phone calls from around the NFL about the No. 1 overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft.

WHAT ABOUT BILL? Nobody likes Bill Belichick (except Tom Brady). That's what Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams says he's heard at any rate.

DOLPHINS HAVE GASE: The next Belichick. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says his new head coach, Adam Gase, is the next Bill Belichick. He also says he's only giving him three years to succeed.

THE BEST QBJared Goff excited about possibly being a Brown. He also said he's the best QB in the draft.

MOCK DRAFT DATA PLANWho do experts think each team will pick in the 2016 NFL Draft? A roundup and compilation of all the expert mock drafts on the Internet in beautiful pie charts.

BAT MANVon Miller admits he illegally batted ball on game-sealing play in Super Bowl 50. Von Miller knocked the ball away from Cam Newton on the biggest play of Super Bowl 50, which is technically against the rules.

SWAGVon Miller's Grammys suit is better than his Super Bowl MVP performance.