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The Browns will pay an actual dog before they'll pay former stars

Alumni relations in Cleveland are not well, despite a new Jim Brown statue going up this year.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

FOR THE DAWGS: The Browns are honoring Jim Brown with a statue. Makes sense, right? But all is not well between the Browns and their other alumni who feel as though the team is leaving them out of various roles and functions and a loss of perks as Jimmy Haslam's bean counters have scaled back. The real insult for many Browns veterans is the fact that they're asked to donate their time while the team's dog, a bull mastiff named Swagger, gets as much as $800 for an appearance.

WILKERSON TRADE RUMORSGiants targeting Muhammad Wilkerson, Mohamed Sanu in the offseason. The Giants might consider dealing a first-round pick for Wilkerson, who wants an extension that the Jets don't sound all that interested in giving him.

RG3 IN DENVER? The Broncos may have interest in Robert Griffin III. If the rumor mill is any indication, the RG3 sweepstakes should be pretty interesting to watch. If the Broncos really are interested, they'll join the Browns, Cowboys, Rams and more as potential suitors.

ALL THE LONG SNAPPERSThe Panthers signed long snapper J.J. Jansen to a five-year extension. And the Giants followed suit, re-signing long snapper Zak DeOssie. "So what?" you might ask. What's the big deal about long snappers? It's a real nightmare when teams don't have one.

WHO IS LAREMY? Meet the guy on top of the mock drafts. Laremy Tunsil is the tackle at the top of most mock drafts and an unknown to the majority of football fans. Robert Klemko sits down with the Ole Miss tackle.


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ELWAY'S OTHER LEGACY: John Elway needs to keep making the right moves for the Broncos. Elway's guidance has been nearly flawless for the Broncos in recent years. But now things are getting more complicated.

BALTIMORE BOUNCE BACKThe Ravens have the right pieces to bounce back. Baltimore was done in by a sea of key injuries in 2015, but they should be able to rebound next season.

NICE INKWhen someone gets a tattoo of a catch he made over you, just don't say anything about it. Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson has a very, um, unique tattoo.

THE MAN WHO SHAPED THE MANNING STORYHow Tennessee’s head trainer took control of the allegations against Peyton Manning. After Jamie Naughright said she was sexually harassed by Peyton Manning, the first person she called at the University of Tennessee was head trainer Mike Rollo. The lifetime Volunteer immediately set out to "fix it." According to Naughright, no one did more than Rollo to sculpt the long-prevailing narrative of a simple, innocent "mooning."

LEARNING FROM THE PASTCordy Glenn contract not a Jason Peters redux for Bills. The Buffalo Bills have a decision to make with starting left tackle Cordy Glenn, just as they did after 2008 with Jason Peters - but the two situations were very different for the team and the players involved.