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Super Bowl commercials 2016: All the ads as they're announced

Watch the best Super Bowl commercials in one place.

David Livingston/Getty Images

For some, Sunday's game is about determining the champion on the field. For others, it's all about the brands, namely which ones got the most bang for their buck and put out the best Super Bowl commercials.

The going rate for a 30-second spot during this year's Super Bowl, which will be broadcast by CBS, is $5 million, according to That's an 11 percent uptick from what NBC charged for last year's game, which was viewed by nearly 114 million people and was the most watched broadcast in history.

Whether spending that much cash on an ad is good business is a topic for another day. But given the large audience and that the Super Bowl might be the only television show all year where viewers actually watch the commercials, it's understandable why so many brands desperately want to become part of that conversation. A good Super Bowl commercial can live on forever. Look at Coca-Cola's Mean Joe Greene ad or the McDonald's one where Michael Jordan and Larry Bird went head-to-head in HORSE.

Nowadays, we don't even have to wait for Sunday to see some of the ads. Companies like T-Mobile and Snickers have already released their commercials, though T-Mobile executives can't be too happy about the early reception to theirs. As for the rest of the multi-million dollar spots, you can keep up with them below.

T-Mobile, Featuring Drake

T-Mobile probably thought getting a megastar like Drake to star in their Super Bowl commercial was a great idea. They thought wrong.

Budweiser's anti-drunk driving PSA, featuring Helen Mirren

Drunk driving is bad, as we all know. But hearing Helen Mirren explain why makes it seem so much worse.

Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen and the Bud Light Party

Bud Light is trying to bridge the gap between Panthers and Broncos fans, along with various other divided people, with an invitation to the Bud Light Party (get it?). This one features Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen appealing to a wider audience. Those two aren't the only recognizable faces you'll see in this one either.

Snickers featuring Willem Dafoe as Marilyn Monroe

Willem Dafoe was once a respectable thespian. Now he's popping up in Super Bowl commercials and doing creepy imitations of Marilyn Monroe signing "Happy Birthday" to John F. Kennedy. Certainly not where he expected his career to go.


Apparently this game is still around. This ad, courtesy of Nintendo, is the most creative of any of the early spots to be unveiled.

The NFL, featuring a a bunch of babies who were conceived on a Super Bowl Sunday

Did you know that the term "Super Bowl Babies" exists? If not the league got a bunch of kids who were actually conceived on a Super Bowl Sunday to to provide an explainer.

Pantene featuring NFL players and their daughters

Pantene takes a clever and adorable approach to showing a side of NFL players we don't see often: family men who have fun doing their daughters' hair, as the Steelers' DeAngelo Williams shows. Your heart is guaranteed to melt by the end of the video.

Heinz, 'Wiener Stampede'

The condiment giant captures our fancy with a series of tiny dogs, dressed in hot dog costumes, running in an open field with Harry Nilsson's "Without You" accompanying the stampede. After a few moments, we finally see what these dogs are running toward -- a group of people dressed in giant Heinz bottles of ketchup, mustard, or relish. It culminates in the cuteness of dogs leaping into the arms of their natural partners.

Hyundai, 'Ryanville'

A few women ride through the town of Ryanville in their new 2017 Hyundai Elantra, but everywhere they turn every man is actor Ryan Reynolds, which is perfectly fine with them. The best line of the commercial might be when Reynolds tackles a different Reynolds during a front-yard game of football, then yells, "In my face!"

Colgate, #EveryDropCounts

This ad almost counts as a public service announcement, with the toothpaste company imploring its users to turn off the faucet while brushing their teeth, saying it could save up to four gallons of water each time we brush our teeth. That four gallons, Colgate says, is "more water than many people around the world have in a week."

LG, 'Man From The Future'

In this spot, Liam Neeson uses his very special set of skills to sell a new OLED television, and in doing so proves what we have always known: that purchasing a TV is an inherently dangerous operation.