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Colin Kaepernick 'disillusioned' with 49ers and reportedly desires trade to the Jets

Chip Kelly apparently isn't a big draw for the Niners quarterback.

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Despite the possibility of playing for new coach Chip Kelly in San Francisco, The New York Daily News is reporting quarterback Colin Kaepernick is setting his sights on the East Coast for the 2016 season. Kaepernick is said to be interested in joining the Jets after riding the bench for the latter half of the season with the Niners.

The Daily News is reporting that the New York Jets are aware of the quarterback's interest, and are in the early stages of analyzing him as a player. They're also said to be hesitant to move quickly, as to avoid any perception of tampering.

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A key issue for both parties is going to be the insane contract extension Kaepernick signed in 2014 for $114 million, with five years remaining. The team does have some wiggle room, and can trade or cut the quarterback before his base salary ($11.9 million) becomes guaranteed on April 1. The Niners would save roughly $8.5 million by letting Kaepernick go ahead of the deadline.

This high price tag puts the Jets in an interesting position, having publicly supported Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starter for the 2016 season. Paying Kaepernick more as a No. 2 quarterback isn't smart business, but paying Fitzpatrick more would be a hefty commitment.

Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall is another who has publicly supported Fitzpatrick, and said on ESPN's First Take that he doesn't want Kaepernick, although he was quick to say that it was because he was content with the team's current quarterback situation.

"I think he's good ... my guy is Fitz," Marshall said. "It's nothing against Kaepernick, but what I'm saying is that I have my quarterbacks and I'm good."

The transition to New York might not go as smoothly as some hope, with Niners' owner Jed York reinforcing his support of the team's 2011 draft pick, saying, "I've always had a very, very high opinion of Kap. Kap's a great kid. He's done a lot of great things for us. Again, this is a fresh start for everybody."

York wasn't quick to give Kaepernick the job, either, noting their lack of a salary cap issue. "I'm not gonna decide who the starting quarterback is. That's our coach, and then the staff. But I think the nice thing is we've got the third-most salary cap room in the league."

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