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How come Gronk can have a party cruise but Tony Romo can't have a fantasy football convention?

Gronk's boat docked at a casino, but the NFL apparently was fine with that. What gives?

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

WHAT ABOUT ROMO? Gronk’s "booze-cruise" becomes issue in Romo lawsuit. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski's recent cruise has drawn plenty of attention. It's also caught the eye of Tony Romo's National Fantasy Football Convention.


Malik Jackson doesn't want the Broncos' five-year, $50 million deal. Sure, it's a lot of money, but with NFL contracts there's a good chance he'd never see all of it anyway.

Did the Rams try to low ball Janoris Jenkins? It sure sounds like the Rams made their free agent corner an offer he didn't like. It looks as though it’s going to be a rocky road to re-signing Janoris Jenkins.


Mike Mayock thinks Carson Wentz could be the next Andrew Luck. The NFL Network's draft guru says no QB in the draft has a higher ceiling than the North Dakota State product.

Why is it so hard to draft a tackle in the first 10 picks of the draft? It once was the safe choice, but using a top-10 pick on a lineman to protect the QB’s blind side has been buyer beware for the past decade.

The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine starts today! Forget the 40 times, Dan Kadar has a list of important questions that need to be answered this week in Indianapolis. And here's the complete schedule for the whole darn thing.


Are the Eagles interested in RG3? The list of teams potentially interested in the soon-to-be former Washington quarterback keeps growing.

NFL teams expect Philadelphia to re-sign Sam Bradford. Unless they're signing RG3, or maybe they want both!

A crazy idea for an offseason move for the Patriots that might be brilliant. Trade a quarterback? (No, not that one).


The five teams with the most cap room. The 49ers, Giants and Bears have a lot of money to turn around their teams this spring. The Raiders and the Jaguars have even more!

How the Seahawks revolutionary cap management transformed the league, and what it means for 2016. Other NFL teams could learn a lot from the Seahawks.


VIDEO: Dante Fowler watched a "family" fight between two women. Jaguars pass rusher Dante Fowler was seen in a video where two women fought, believed to be his girlfriend and the mother of his child. Fowler and the Jaguars issue statements.

LeSean McCoy meets with Philadelphia district attorney. LeSean McCoy met with the Philadelphia DA on Tuesday, which caused quite a bit of commotion as reporters scrambled to try to score a scoop.


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